About marrakech

Marrakech is just like Venice, an ideal destination for honeymoon and tours, the hotels in general are  imposed over time as one of the most charming hotels popular with newlyweds appreciate its romanticism as well as some exclusive benefits such as private Jacuzzi ’s. Regarded as the romantic table in Marrakech, hotel Marrakech restaurant becomes THE place for marriage proposals and heads to heads unforgettable.

Become so despite us a little (!) Specialists honeymoon in Marrakech, we therefore propose here to share with you our experience in this field which we hope will help you in your preparations and you will move to Marrakech the trip of your dreams.

Options and other small “plus” ideas for activities and various outings, organizing tips , … we will not fail to draw on the experience inherited from the past to make your future as beautiful as possible with the understanding that our team obviously also wishes to you before your arrival, by email or phone and once on site to answer your questions and to best satisfy all your demands.